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Individual lessons



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Trial lesson


The first lesson is a free trial lesson of 45 to 60 minutes. In this lesson we will of course do some playing, but we can also discuss your wishes and decide about the length of the lessons, their frequency, and so on.


There are many possibilities you can choose from: an occasional individual lesson, a ‘strippenkaart’ of five hours (20 x 15 minutes), regular lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, once a week or every fortnight, and so on.    



The time of the lesson will be decided by mutual agreement. It is possible to take lessons in the morning, afternoon or evening.



Prices of individual lessons


You can pay for each lesson separately, but if you intend to come regularly, it is cheaper to pay for one, four, six or twelve months at a time. You can also buy a ‘strippenkaart’, which is a ticket for 20 x 15 minutes. This ticket enables you to take lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes (or more), just when and as its suits you. The price of the strippenkaart € 150.

You will find the prices for 2012-2013 in the table below. Prices are reduced by 3, 5 or 10% respectively if you pay per four, six or twelve months at a time. Prices are based on 39 lessons per year for weekly lessons, and 20 lessons per year for fortnightly lessons. All prices include 21 % VAT.




30" per week         

45" per week

60" per  week    

30" per 2 weeks    

 45" per 2 weeks 

60" per 2 weeks

payment per month


ten instalments,

to be paid before the first of every month, from September to June

€ 52,65


€ 78,98


€ 105,30

€ 27

€ 40,50

€ 54

payment per 4 months


three instalments, to be paid before the first of September, January and May

€ 170,68

€ 255,36

€ 341,37

€ 87,30

€ 130,95

€ 174,60

payment  per 6 months


two instalments, to be paid before the first of September and the first of March

€ 250,09

€ 375,13

€ 500,18

€ 128,25

€ 192,38

€ 256,50

payment for a whole year


the whole amount to be paid before the first of September

€ 473,85

€ 710,82

€ 947,70

€ 243

€ 364,50

€ 486



30"                          45"                          60"


Prices for a separate lesson:          € 17.50                    € 26.25                    € 35

Strippenkaart for 5 hours              € 150

                                                            Children under 12: € 145



Terms and conditions                                                                                                 


Although I usually have a pleasant and informal contact with my pupils, it is a good thing to have clear agreements about, for instance, payments, or about what happens in case either the pupil or the teacher has to cancel a lesson. I can send you a copy of the lesson agreement at your request. These terms do not apply if you pay per lesson, or buy a ‘strippenkaart’.